Founded in 1983, avocco is a running shoe brand from Italy. As one of the local running shoe brands in Italy, avocco's shoes integrate the concept of sports comfort into the products from design and R & D to the selection of raw materials and production technology, creating the gene of "comfort" of the brand.

In addition, avocco is closer to consumers. Focusing on the background of sports talent and post industrial era, avocco takes more people-friendly prices and real wearing scenes as the starting point of design.

In recent years, it has adopted combasa ™ Graphene insole, gigagrip ™ Innovative technologies such as anti-skid and wear-resistant sole have been favored by the majority of runners.
We advocate the spirit of adventure, deal with the unknown world, keep exploring and full of curiosity.

In the process of constantly moving forward, enrich your inner world, life is like a journey
Avocco brand adheres to high quality requirements and is committed to providing our customers with the best products.

Through strict control of each process and material selection to create a high demand brand.
As a brand of sports shoes, our original design intention will still consider daily wear matching. By integrating fast fashion elements, our products can be integrated into daily life.